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    ~ Welcome to Palmer Lane Maple ~ Award winning Vermont Maple Syrup and Vermont Maple Candy ~

    Maple Specialties





      Maple Walnut Caramels


      New productMaple Walnut Caramels

         A lucious blend of  maple, caramel and  nuts flood your  senses when you bite  into our chewy  caramels. We dare  you to try to eat just  one!




       RMWC 4 oz. Bag   $ 9.79



      Maple Drops


      New productMaple Drops

         Our maple drops are  a great treat for those of you who enjoy  hard candy combined with that sweet maple flavor. Approximately 19 Pieces per bag.




       RMHD  4 oz. Bag   $ 8.25



      Maple Lollipops


      New productMaple Lollipops

         A little taste of  maple goes a long  way with these yummy  maple lollipops. About 15  per bag.




       RMLP  4 oz. Bag   $ 8.25  



      Maple Seasoning


      Savory Maple Seasoning

        A unique blend of pure maple sugar,salt,garlic, black pepper and other spices.Great to flavor beef,chicken,fish or seafood,add to salads or sprinkle on corn-on-the-cob.




      R93028  2.8 oz. Bottle    $ 9.90   



      Pure Maple Sugar

      100 % Pure Maple Sugar

      Use as a natural substitute for white or brown sugar. Sprinkle on cereal,muffins,toast,yogurt, ice cream,or fruits. Gluten, wheat and dairy free.




      R91028   2.8 oz. Bottle   $ 9.95


      R91001   1 lb. Bag   $22.45


      R91005   5 lb. Bag   $82.95





      100% Pure Maple Cream


      Pure Maple Cream

    Our Pure Maple Cream is made by boiling maple syrup to remove more of the moisture, rapidly cooling the thick syrup, and stirring for that wonderful frosting like consistency.

      Pure, rich and creamy. You can spoon it onto pancakes, toast, muffins, donuts,

      or eat it straight out of the jar! Gluten, wheat, and dairy free.




      R63005  Two 5 oz. Pure Maple Cream   $ 23.45


      R63009  Two 9 oz. Pure Maple Cream   $ 31.45


      R63016  One 16 oz Pure Maple Cream   $ 27.55




      All natural Buttermilk Pancake Mix

      All Natural Buttermilk Pancake Mix

      Quick and easy to make.This light and fluffy mix is the perfect complement to our pure maple syrups. We finally have a "just add water" mix worthy of our name.





     No Longer Available


      Additional charges may apply to orders shipped outside the U.S.


      Maple Caramel Popcorn

      Maple Caramel Popcorn


      A tasty snack bursting with old-time wonderful Maple flavor. Eat it on the go, watching TV,playing cards or just to feed that maple craving.




      RPC          5 oz. Bag           $ 7.95



      Maple Jelly Beans

      Maple Jelly Beans



      Ready to try something a little different? Try these Gourmet Maple Jelly Beans made exclusively for us. Exotic,fragrant,and mouth-watering. This is one of our best selling items.






      RMJB8     8 oz. Bag           $10.25

      2-RMJB8      Two 8 oz. Bags           $16.75

      4-RMJB8     Four 8 oz. Bags           $24.95



      Maple TaffyMaple Taffy


    Pure Maple Syrup and Pure Maple Sugar are the only flavorings in our salt water taffy to give you that undeniable PURE maple flavor! Delicious,soft and chewy. Great to share with your family and friends.






      RMT8     8 oz. Bag          $ 9.49



    Chef's Gift Set

    The gift that keeps on giving!

    For the chef in the family. This set includes:

    Chef Set

    • One quart of Grade B Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
    • One 2.8 oz. shaker of our Savory Maple Seasoning
    • Two Vermont cookbooks (recipes include main dishes and vegetables to desserts and sauces).
    • Gift set comes in a gift bag ready to give to that special someone!


      Chef's Gift Set           $29.95


      Additional charges may apply to orders shipped outside the U.S.



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